Turnkey Software Solutions

From concept to delivery, we take responsibility for business analysis, solution architecture, design, implementation, test and documentation as well as for project management.

Project Management

We provide advice for the Project Management activities. This can be simply producing Project Management Documentation, supporting side by side existing Project Managers or taking full responsibility of the role.

Education and Training

We provide technical training in software design and development (general principles, specific languages or platforms). We also deliver courses for specific customer solutions or technologies (for our customers’ Customer Support areas).


Analysis, Design, Development and Test

We can focus our services even on a single phase (or few target phases of a project). We provide tailored services related to business analysis, solution architecture, design, development, quality assurance and documentation.


We provide business analysis involving the understanding and documentation of the problem domain, current procedures and systems, policies, constraints, pitfalls and opportunities.


We design solutions from scratch, starting from the architecture and the technology stack. We also design single modules or components to be integrated in existing solutions.


We implement the actual solution in the Customer development environment or in our own. This usually includes Configuration Control for source code and artifacts, Continuous Integration and Delivery.


We provide QA services through the diffused use of Unit Testing, Code Coverage, Automated Integration Testing, Automated User Interface Testing and Manual Test Procedures definition and execution.

User eXperience Design

On every project we strive to smooth and perfect the User Experience. Being it to provide a simple, significant view of a complex problem, to streamline a convoluted procedure, to showcase a sleek look and feel or to make the tortuous ergonomic. On Desktop, Web and Mobile, we dedicate energy and attention to every pixel of our Customers’ User Interfaces.