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We are a privately held company, established in January 2006 as a software consultancy in the domain of engineering applications.


We are based in Genoa (Italy) and we are working across Italy and Europe. Our direct and indirect customers are located in Italy, Europe and around the world.


We offer a wide range of solutions in the domain of engineering software, from advisory services to whole system implementations to technical training.

Real Value. Delivered.

We’re not supplying software or technical advice.
We are delivering real value to our customers.
Have a look at how we can contribute to your bottom line.

Engineering Domains Expertise

We design and implement real world systems in complex engineering domains, such as aircraft signal processing, smart network management, naval system simulation and telecommunication systems control.

Sound and Creative Design

We combine the excellent preparation of Italian engineers with the specific knowledge required to develop robust, resilient, high-assurance, reliable software systems. This allows us to confidently shape our solution design to include original and creative solution perspectives.

Code Quality

We follow the best practices and standards to keep control of our source code quality. From versioning to revision control systems, from static analysis tools to code review processes, we take care of our most precious assets.

Customer Oriented Approach

No project can start until we know exactly what will make our customer happy. No project can finish without our customer being, actually, happy. We pride ourselves on exceeding expectations, building long term relationships, delivering great products. Value creation, we name it.


We embrace changes. Even when it means altering the course of a project to accommodate changing needs. Or simply adjusting the requirements and fine tuning the design to consider new constraints. Always to guarantee the best project outcome. Not only a tailor made approach, but also adaptation and agility are key factors for our success.

Outstanding User Experience

Differently by the usual User eXperience (UX) approach to engineering systems, our solution are beautiful to see and to use. Ergonomic, clear, focused, polished and sleek: our interfaces provide an enjoyable and powerful access to the complex domains of our solutions.

Our Services

Turnkey Software Solutions

Turnkey Software Solutions

From concept to delivery, we take responsibility for business analysis, solution architecture, design, implementation, test and documentation as well as for project management.

Project Management

Project Management

We provide advice for the Project Management activities. This can be simply producing Project Management Documentation, supporting side by side existing Project Managers or taking full responsibility of the role.

Analysis, Design, Development and Test

Analysis, Design, Development and Test

We can focus our services even on a single phase (or few target phases of a project). We provide tailored services related to business analysis, solution architecture, design, development, quality assurance and documentation.

Education and Training

Education and Training

We provide technical training in software design and development (general principles, specific languages or platforms). We also deliver courses for specific customer solutions or technologies (for our customers’ Customer Support areas).