How to inject concerta

WikiAnswers - How do you break up a concerta pillMedication and Drugs question: How do you break up a concerta pill? The concerta pill is maid up of 5 parts on the outside there is a hard shell that can be removed by aplying moderate pressure with a.How do you break up concerta? How do you open concerta pill? Do you use the whole pill concerta? How do you break down and inject concerta? Why does the prescription bottle of your concerta say do not chew of break in half?

Concerta I.V. - Urban Legend or Reality ? - Opiophile.org7 posts - 6 authors - Last post: Dec 12, 2009But I remember one person here in one topic told me that it's possible to shoot Concerta, and that he/she knows the way, and that he/she explained the whole proceedure somwhere here on the Opiophile forum. Now, can anybody explain me the proccess of prepairing Methylphenidate HCL from ConcertaI would not risk trying to inject Concerta tablets. The OROS system makes it nearly impossible.

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Ritalin and Other Methylphenidates - How Is It TakenIllegal users of the drug usually swallow it, inhale or snort it through the nose, smoke it, or inject it by needle into a vein. Abusers typically crush the tabletsTo inject the drug, abusers usually dissolve immediate-release methylphenidate tablets in water and then inject the mixture into a vein with a needle and syringe.Concerta is an extended-release formula of methylphenidate that uses a different method to release its medicine. The

Yahoo! Canada Answers - Can people inject concerta pills?what has to be done to get it prepared for injection why? concerta has 2 parts inside the pill you might be able to with the white part stay away from the brown part. trust me you dont want that in your blood stream. btw injecting amphetamines is dumb as ****. why dont you just take em like a normal person? you can inject anything you want to *****

Snorting ConcertaThis eMedTV Web page explains that snorting Concerta may be potentially dangerous because it allows for direct entry into the bloodstream, making it more potent. ThisAlso, people who snort or inject normal doses of Concerta are putting themselves at higher risk. Snorting or injecting drugs allows for direct entry into the bloodstreamAlso, Concerta is not sterile, and injecting or snorting Concerta may lead to infections or other problems.

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How to inject concerta
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Alza tablet (ritilan) - Drugs Forum3 posts - 2 authorsAlza tablet (ritilan) Concerta and Ritalin.First and foremost, you CANNOT inject Concerta due to the complexity of the OROS delivery system it utilizes and due to the insoluble particles found in the capsule. ThereSecondly, the 'Alza tablet' you were given is a Concerta tablet with the outer drug layer peeled off. Whoever gave it to you was either trying to a) enhance the absorption of the drug by "breaking it open", which doesn't work if you